1. (…and while the world was meant to be doing something on 2012/12/21, I actually had a great time with a bunch of deviantART peeps in the underground picnic area at the Natural History Museum (underground is a good place to avoid cosmic changes I suppose ? :P) which then proceeded to fun at some restaurant. I met some very cool people that day. :D)

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    ===I overall do not have an issue with most faiths. I do have a problem with these fundies…partially as I feel they are actually servants of the evil version of the god they claim to follow. I especially poke the ones that decide to seek me out.

    ===Read my mockery as mocking what they serve…If you are christian, I rather suspect you worship a better quality GOD than these twits. (Grins)

    That’s what I’ve always felt. I grew up with non-fundie christianity and even though it’s not my thing, it was very different (and way healthier) to what these people do and advocate, which is really ugly to be honest.

  1. Reading comments from pre-millennium otherkin mailing lists about ‘times changing’ or ‘changes are ahead’ and the like is always fun. :)

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    Is otherkin an actual thing? Or is it just a Tumblr fad? Like I know there have been a bunch of jokes about it, but is it legitimate? Because personally, it seems a bit silly to think of yourself as something other than human, when biologically, that's what people are and it can't be changed. While the same can be said about gender, you CAN have that changed about yourself, if you prefer. Introducing animal DNA doesn't change a person into a half-cat or something, it just fucks them up.

    It’s definitely existed before tumblr and can be related to some religions if that’s what you mean?
    -the Canadian one





    The online otherkin community has existed since about 1990 an has roots in a group from the 70’s

    It IS NOT like gender identity, even going from a psychological standpoint (which is what some otherkin prefer) it does not compare

    Othekin are aware they are biologically human, and aware that that can not be changed even with some of the more extreme body modifications available.

    For many it is just a spiritual belief, occasionally relating to a belief in reincarnation and past lives.

    "Othekin are aware they are biologically human, and aware that that can not be changed even with some of the more extreme body modifications available."

    So in other words, they were the Transtrenders/tucutes before the Transtrenders/tucutes?

    Thanks for the info.

    No I would t say that, it was never as bad in the community as it is now that it exists on Tumblr. Even the most ridiculous drama in our forums typically did not match up to shut that happens daily on this website.

    I mention what I did because its a common accusation/point against otherkin, but is largely misconception.

    Anyone, in the old days at least, that believed they LITERALLY were not human we’re often told to get a reality check or consider medical help.

    The Tumblr tags, started with a bunch of people who would have otherwise been tossed from a forum.

    ===Actually, we did not care much whether someone thinks they were human or not.

    ===We cared if they were functional.

    ===Many of us STILL would not care. It really is not that important.

    Also, there are legitimate cases of people who compare being otherkin or therian to gender identity or being transgender [x], or one’s experience of otherkin having a relationship to their gender identity [x].

    (i’m not referring to the pronoun stuff, even though tbh I really don’t care much for that whole situation :P)

  1. The design for the otherkin website is almost complete… :3

  1. Doing more scanning of old otherkin content, it’s become quite a hobby of mine and the more I dig, the further back in time I’m reaching. I really know I’ve hit old stuff when I hear phrases like 'Netscape 3.0 is out in beta but is 6megs to download. I hear that Java works better but the program is slower. It now has built-in plugins like VRML and sound'.

  1. [none of the info is necessarily accurate. it’s pretty much all placeholders atm :P]

    The template is almost done now (and the SQL database is nearly there too). The template works fine on WebKit Browsers (Safari, Chrome, Opera), Firefox and Firefox Mobile and Internet Explorer Mobile 10 (for some reason I managed to get that working…).

    New wiki-style templates for details on particular items of information, which finishes most of the new additions that need to be made to accommodate all the info.

    It’ll be interesting to see how it works out in the long run after being made. The ‘places to talk’ database is quite frankly a mausoleum rather than a directory, and most of the remaining alive and active places I honestly couldn’t recommend to anyone, but the intentions I have for this is for more than what lies in the database right now…

    Regardless, this has been the tidiest website job I’ve ever done, the browser support is flawless so far. 3levels needs a proper site of it’s own and it can take so much from the foundations made here, so this is far from a possibly useless passion project (even though that’s fine in and of itself) :3.

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    I’ve been having issues with wanting things lately. Something in my brain, part from my family and part from society and maybe part just me, tells me that simply wanting a thing isn’t a good enough reason to do it. It tells me that wanting is inherently selfish and unbecoming, that wants must always be placed below all other considerations. I can do a thing because it’s healthy, because it’s feminist, because it makes other people happy, because it’s educational. I can’t do it just because I want to.

    (This has not made me a beautifully selfless and giving person. More “neurotic and passive.”)

    Honoring our own desires is not something we’re taught to do. It’s assumed that kids are balls of cheerfully self-indulgent id already, that all you have to be taught is how not to eat everything and hump everything and name yourself Rocketship. The lesson on “actually, indulging yourself in safe and considerate ways is not just okay but necessary” never really comes.

    So it’s something I’m learning as an adult. I’m learning that eating delicious things makes me healthier than diet-and-shameful-binge cycles. I’m learning that asking for sex doesn’t always get me laid but it has a much better track record than not asking for sex. I’m learning that when I have the time and money I’m allowed to go out and do silly things. (Did you know Boston has a trampoline park?!) I’m learning that well-considered self-indulgence is not half as annoying or gross or immature as allowing yourself to turn into a big bitter ball of frustrated desires.

    I’ve wanted for months to start using this new name, and my “Wanting Isn’t Good Enough” brain kept digging up objections. It’ll be inconvenient for people! It’ll be confusing! It’d be okay to change to a masculine name if you were trans but since you’re not then you’re not allowed! It’s frivolous! It’s self-indulgent.

    Damn skippy it’s self-indulgent. It brings me happiness and does nothing else for the world, and that’s okay, because bringing me happiness is something real and important.

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    So, I’m trying to find a new job, and yesterday I went to an interview & then to another place to drop off a resume/application. And they asked me both times about my age or if I was 18. I was confused about why they were asking me at first, because I’ve always thought I looked about my age or maybe even slightly older, but apparently I get mistaken for an underage teen? Wow. 

    Welcome to being some kind of elfything. :P

    While I hate to agree on such things, I’ve yet to know of a counter-example…


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