1. Doing more scanning of old otherkin content, it’s become quite a hobby of mine and the more I dig, the further back in time I’m reaching. I really know I’ve hit old stuff when I hear phrases like 'Netscape 3.0 is out in beta but is 6megs to download. I hear that Java works better but the program is slower. It now has built-in plugins like VRML and sound'.

  1. [none of the info is necessarily accurate. it’s pretty much all placeholders atm :P]

    The template is almost done now (and the SQL database is nearly there too). The template works fine on WebKit Browsers (Safari, Chrome, Opera), Firefox and Firefox Mobile and Internet Explorer Mobile 10 (for some reason I managed to get that working…).

    New wiki-style templates for details on particular items of information, which finishes most of the new additions that need to be made to accommodate all the info.

    It’ll be interesting to see how it works out in the long run after being made. The ‘places to talk’ database is quite frankly a mausoleum rather than a directory, and most of the remaining alive and active places I honestly couldn’t recommend to anyone, but the intentions I have for this is for more than what lies in the database right now…

    Regardless, this has been the tidiest website job I’ve ever done, the browser support is flawless so far. 3levels needs a proper site of it’s own and it can take so much from the foundations made here, so this is far from a possibly useless passion project (even though that’s fine in and of itself) :3.

  1. "

    I’ve been having issues with wanting things lately. Something in my brain, part from my family and part from society and maybe part just me, tells me that simply wanting a thing isn’t a good enough reason to do it. It tells me that wanting is inherently selfish and unbecoming, that wants must always be placed below all other considerations. I can do a thing because it’s healthy, because it’s feminist, because it makes other people happy, because it’s educational. I can’t do it just because I want to.

    (This has not made me a beautifully selfless and giving person. More “neurotic and passive.”)

    Honoring our own desires is not something we’re taught to do. It’s assumed that kids are balls of cheerfully self-indulgent id already, that all you have to be taught is how not to eat everything and hump everything and name yourself Rocketship. The lesson on “actually, indulging yourself in safe and considerate ways is not just okay but necessary” never really comes.

    So it’s something I’m learning as an adult. I’m learning that eating delicious things makes me healthier than diet-and-shameful-binge cycles. I’m learning that asking for sex doesn’t always get me laid but it has a much better track record than not asking for sex. I’m learning that when I have the time and money I’m allowed to go out and do silly things. (Did you know Boston has a trampoline park?!) I’m learning that well-considered self-indulgence is not half as annoying or gross or immature as allowing yourself to turn into a big bitter ball of frustrated desires.

    I’ve wanted for months to start using this new name, and my “Wanting Isn’t Good Enough” brain kept digging up objections. It’ll be inconvenient for people! It’ll be confusing! It’d be okay to change to a masculine name if you were trans but since you’re not then you’re not allowed! It’s frivolous! It’s self-indulgent.

    Damn skippy it’s self-indulgent. It brings me happiness and does nothing else for the world, and that’s okay, because bringing me happiness is something real and important.

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  1. silveth:


    So, I’m trying to find a new job, and yesterday I went to an interview & then to another place to drop off a resume/application. And they asked me both times about my age or if I was 18. I was confused about why they were asking me at first, because I’ve always thought I looked about my age or maybe even slightly older, but apparently I get mistaken for an underage teen? Wow. 

    Welcome to being some kind of elfything. :P

    While I hate to agree on such things, I’ve yet to know of a counter-example…


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  1. silveth:


    In case people are interested in the categorisation, here is the list in it’s current form. And what it looks like in the context of one of the largest tables I have, mailing lists.


    Categories makes my Virgo happy, heheh.

    Under Elenari: Adrastai is a job description, not a sub-type/species/culture, as I understand. You’re probably still building this as you come across things, but besides Listari there’s at least Tulari, Kalthilas (can’t remember if that’s the same as Dai’ari), Shiri, and Draestari (not sure what you mean by “Draethings” as being apparently different than that, since you put it in with “Dark Elven” and not as a subtype of Elenari?).

    I don’t know that I would put TdD as a subtype of Fae. They have some similarities to elves and fae, and whether they are interchangeable with Sidhe is perhaps a matter of opinion and which part of the family tree you’re looking at, but since in the lore that relates them they are more like ancestors of today’s faerie tribes, I don’t think it makes logical sense to consider them a subtype of said fae. Unfortunately I don’t know any TdD on tumblr, off the top of my head, to point you to about this…

    Crap, I just took that word off the top of my head from a site I remembered, assuming it was lol… <_<’. Yeah, with Elenari, I’m building as I find content for them, so while I haven’t been inclined to add them all, I thought I’d add concept references in case I need to do such a thing in the future.

    'Draethings' is just a word that me and my dark elf friends use at times and I thought I'd add it since it looks kinda silly and it will never be seen atm. It's clearly borrowed from 'Draestari', but we aren't identifying as such, but we aren't really relating to classic dark elves either, hence the '~thing'. If it was Draestari, it would be 'MHe-ele-dst' or something. Maybe I'll go through the Elenari types and add them out of curiosity and see how they pan out.

    Okay, thanks for letting me know. I really lack knowledge in that area and I don’t totally trust the internet on stuff like that. I’ll move Tuatha and Sidhe into MH- for now :).

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  1. More Reasonings, Plans and shit.

    If you’re wondering why I’m making all this effort, I’ve outlined why below so I don’t give you a massive text wall (I was going to append it to the last post, but I figured that would generally be a bad idea, plus I’ve elaborated.)

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  1. In case people are interested in the categorisation, here is the list in it’s current form. And what it looks like in the context of one of the largest tables I have, mailing lists.

    In the website, they will be translated to their actual labels, so you will never see these references. These details are only for the curious :P.

    The hidden last categories are ‘Vb’ (blood vampirism) ‘Vd’ (vampire donors), ‘Vp’ (psi-vampirism), ‘W’ (weres), ‘XM’ (multiplicity) and ‘XS’ (shapeshifters). Some have been added for fun (like MHe-drk) or added for ideas of structure for possible future references (like MHe-ele-lis or MDc). 

    'X—' is more of an extra/multiple category - I don't intend on covering multiples or shapeshifters specifically; only when it crosses with mythics, therians or vampires and on an 'as i find them' basis. It's not really in my area of research interest right now tbh, therefore there will always be better resources on that than I can provide.

  1. silveth:


    Okay, using SQL. I’m making a particular table for ‘category’ (ie. kintype usually), that other tables (such as irc channels and mailing lists) relate to.

    There is an ID for every kintype and sub-kintype that has an accompanying item of info or place online, and I want to make sure the IDs are recognisable when I’m doing database work so…

    …basically, I’m making a dewey decimal system for kintypes.

    Given your tags (#elven is currently 1.1.1 #draconic is currently 1.2.1), I guess it’s not taxonomically hierarchical? Although I suppose you thought that somehow elven and dragon were together in some larger overarching category, or they wouldn’t both be 1.x.x…. anyway, I’m interested in this kind of thing :D

    Yeah, you’re right about 1.x.x - that was for mythic otherkin, 1.1.x was for humanoid mythic otherkin and 1.2.x was for ‘therio-mythics’ or mythics with animalistic forms. Which made elves 1.1.1, fae 1.1.2 and dragons 1.2.1.

    But as I said, I’m now using letters because the number system fell apart way too quickly (it ended up getting nested way too much in the same numbers). It’s loosely based on Dragon Code that kiilas showed me while I was working on it.

    so ‘M—’ is mythics, ‘MH-’ is Mythic, humanoid, ‘MHe’ is elven, ‘MHf’ is fae, etc. ‘MT-’ is therio-mythic and ‘MTd’ is dragon. And then that can get expanded into specific examples such as ‘MHe-ele’ being used as a reference to Elenari, or ‘MHf-tdd’ being Tuatha de Danaan (I think Tuatha are categorically fae? :s).

    It can all change later (and probably will since I have issues with it), but from what I gathered initially, I felt that making a distinction between mythics (M—) and therians (T—) was important? I’m not so sure anymore, but i figured there was possibly something slightly inherently different behind the two, or that making a distinction was an important thing to make. I think I need to do more research to get a better taxonomy on some things.

    The main purpose is for categorising information, so while it’s largely kintypes, there are things other or greater than mythics and therians. ‘V—’ is for real vampirism, since I’m kinda covering real vampirism too. There are also ones for multiple things or generalised things, so ‘0-MT’ is mythic otherkin and therianthropy, or ‘0-MTV’ is mythic otherkin, therianthropy and real vampirism. (‘0’ is just a way of putting it alphabetically at the top and indicating it’s a group :P).

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  1. [obligatory notice that this is a development build of the game and that the graphics aren’t finished and look kinda blurry and pixellated right now for a reason :P]

    More work on the game… basic static designs (the most important component of the game’s graphics) are getting there. Here are some of the best ones (and some of the most beautiful generated levels to go with them).

    I’m only trying to get all the obvious issues out of the way because I don’t want to work too hard on them. I want to get a test group to play around with the game as soon as we can so I can see what works and what doesn’t through the eyes of others who aren’t artists and haven’t invested in what is probably at least 100 hours on the designs.

    After the static designs, it will be onto decorations, backgrounds, lighting and animation, especially once the game is rigged to support them. (kiilas is currently occupied with other things, so I’m a tad bottlenecked, but that’s fine since I have other things to do as you all know… :) )