1. Starting to get the introduction/feedback text finished…

    Yeah, that point I’ve been talking about with Darkfang Archive is almost here…

    Kinda scared to be honest. From most of my looking and my experiences, I feel that a lot of people who consider themselves part of these categories (otherkin, therian, whatever) can’t keep their mental or emotional shit together much (but I also think that of a lot of people in general…).

    I’ve tried to pick places that look high quality for where I plan to post but most the time, I’ve also had to cut corners where there simply wasn’t an alternative. The list of places outside of my own social networking channels is small.

    Of course I don’t have to listen to what everyone says (nor am I intending to), but I think I’m liable to upset some people or get some undeserved shit thrown in my general direction for such a large undertaking, and some of my approaches with that.

    I’m probably going to drop-and-run for this one with respect to places other than Tumblr (and maybe Tumblr if I have to). Run away for a while and when I get back, read and talk. I’m used to people having issues with me or with things that I do, but I generally want it less atm.

  1. Speaking of Ello, if any of my followers want an invite code (I have a lot of them unused), then send me a message. :3

  1. liryenenderea:

    I’m not sure what Tumblr’s algorithm for selecting “recommended blogs” is, but for some reason it recommends Jarandhel’s blog to me every. single. day. Oh Tumblr, you rascal you. I don’t think he would appreciate that very much, and even if he didn’t mind, I don’t think he posts much anymore with the obvious exception of the automatic “Welcome to the otherkin community” thing. 

    LOL. I’ve been recommended him a few times before, but not THAT much >_<.

  1. Anonymous
    I feel like the elven look/style you have is ruined because you have large breasts and hips. Curvy instead of slender. You don't look as innocent or sleek as, for example, your other friends elvenrealm and elfofthewoodlandrealm. You're beautiful but too "bountiful" to look like the typical elf. Sorry.

    The truth is… the reasoning behind my abundance is that I was bestowed a mighty duty that began the moment I sprouted from the earth many, many moons past. Gaia had the idea that my boobies were to mimic the fullness of her mountains as my hips are to imitate her hills. I am to be a fleshy version of the earth, to walk alongside her children. This responsibility as well as the shaping of this vessel was afforded to me because, simply, I am the Guardian of the Nature Creatures. The last homely house quite literally as all beings hailing from our earth return to me at the setting of our sun each night to burrow themselves within my hills for their time of rest and protection. Lotheriel and Ayla were the first of the elves to come back to me for the night. They have been with me the longest and continue to nestle themselves in my bosom as they have for countless centuries, both having their very own bedrooms within. Not only that but they are the highest ranking warriors in my guard, faithfully protecting the last homely house without criticism of her shape. Were I without these blessings… where would the creatures settle in at night? How would I fulfill my duty to the earth?

    So… there ye have it, that is my story. 



  1. I was looking at a particular online course last night, and it made me think back to one of my universities enough that I actually had a panic attack. I didn’t even know what one was, I had to research online. It was the second time it happened to me (the first was in June for different reasons) and I was worried it might be some kind of medical problem.

    I find it strange that my experiences at the universities I went to were so bad that they seem to be in the realm of some kind of emotional trauma.

    I handled my time and circumstances there really well and generally came out on top, and I handle how I see it today well and I refuse to be frustrated by it and give me more emotional concerns, but I’m just surprised (and I guess somewhat disappointed) by this emotional setback. I was planning to attend a life drawing class next week, but now I’m going to have to delay it out of concern it will remind me too much as well. I refuse to let this setback be a persistent one, but unfortunately it has forced me to exercise greater caution with pretty much any arrangement in this department.