1. In case people are interested in the categorisation, here is the list in it’s current form. And what it looks like in the context of one of the largest tables I have, mailing lists.

    In the website, they will be translated to their actual labels, so you will never see these references. These details are only for the curious :P.

    The hidden last categories are ‘Vb’ (blood vampirism) ‘Vd’ (vampire donors), ‘Vp’ (psi-vampirism), ‘W’ (weres), ‘XM’ (multiplicity) and ‘XS’ (shapeshifters). Some have been added for fun (like MHe-drk) or added for ideas of structure for possible future references (like MHe-ele-lis or MDc). 

    'X—' is more of an extra/multiple category - I don't intend on covering multiples or shapeshifters specifically; only when it crosses with mythics, therians or vampires and on an 'as i find them' basis. It's not really in my area of research interest right now tbh, therefore there will always be better resources on that than I can provide.

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      Categories makes my Virgo happy, heheh. Under Elenari: Adrastai is a job description, not a sub-type/species/culture, as...